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Conducting Ownership Search in DeKalb County

Illinois Abstract Service Ownership Report, E/O Report

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Conducting Ownership Search in DeKalb County

A basic Ownership Report requires looking at: County GIS, Recorder, Treasurer websites. It is equally important to run judgment searches on your owners in title.

  1. GIS Search
  2. Recorder
  3. Treasurer
  4. Judgement
  5. Questions? - Order with us!

Additional resource to read more about our DeKalb County Ownership Reports, here.

GIS Search

Beginning a proper Ownership search in DeKalb County requires narrowing the PIQ (Property in Question). Does this effect just one parcel? Does the parcel affect in reality several? For example - you want to conduct a ownership search, but the structure sits on one parcel, while it has adjoining land that might be affected by an encumbrance.

A Grantor/Grantee name search will provide numerous results from different tracts of land. We need to be able to be able to identify our Assessors Parcel Number (APN) or Property Information Number (PIN).

Use the DeKalb County GIS navigate and locate your parcel for verification. Once that is done you can move onto your land search. Two other aids exist as well for locating your pin: Parcel Map Search by PIN and Address Search.


The DeKalb County Recorder, must also be searched. You will need to search back to the last Warranty Deed with Title Insurance stamps and comb forward. The DeKalb County Recorder should also have the coverage or effective date which will tell you how recent the indexing is for the County. If your PIN number is unknown, use the assessor and GIS site to locate your PIN number as well as decipher your legal description.

Please note: Open mortgages are typical, other documents on the record must be viewed with caution. If no release is of record it should be noted on your search.


A tax search must be completed at the DeKalb County Treasurer. A current tax year search can be completed through the Treasurer website. A more advanced multi year search can also be done online for DeKalb County.

It is vital that you understand taxes accurately. Sold taxes will appear “paid by the County”, when in fact a tax buyer has bought them and will move to perfect.


Name searches are to identify personal and business liens or judgments. Name searches on all parties in title from the last Warranty Deed forward should be ran for good measure. Look at the local County court system docket search, as well as the State Tax lien search. As a bonus feature, the Illinois State Tax Lien Search also will identify any Federal Tax Liens. In addition, running a PACER search will be a good bankruptcy check.

Keep in mind:

  • Federal Tax Liens are active for 10 years from the assessment date of the tax.
  • Illinois the State has 20 years to collect on an Income Tax Lien.
  • Bankruptcies pose an active risk and should be noted for 7 years after filing.Also, per ALTA (American Land Title Association) standards.
  • A general judgment is considered collectible seven years from the date that said judgement was rendered. [For interesting comparison, Mechanic liens pose an active risk to the parcel for 2 years after filing.] 

Questions? - Order with us!

Still would like professional assistance? We are happy to help. Orders receive a full PDF report with referenced document copies

  • Legal description
  • PIN
  • Current record owner
  • Current tax status
  • Any open liens, mortgages or other adverse items of record
  • Name search on parties in title
  • Effective date

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