Cook County Public Records Contacts

· Cook County

Cook Treasurer: (312) 443-5100 or online

Cook Assessor: (312) 443-7550 or online

Cook Recorder of Deeds: (312) 603-5050 or online

An individual can search property records in the State of Illinois with their county clerk’s office or the office of the appropriate county recorder. An individual should begin a records search with the name, document number, and property parcel number, which are usually found on the real estate tax bill or property address.

An individual can search paper property records in the county office, typically back to the mid-1800s and may be able to do computer searches in the county office on records that date from the mid-1900s to the present by name, property parcel number or property address. They should also be able to search plats, which are maps drawn to scale that show how a tract of land is divided into lots, from the 1800s to the present. The individual may also be able to do an online search for property records on the county clerk or recorder’s office website.

The landowner should review the chain of title for possible concerns. Documents that should be present include the deed, records of valid mortgages, and documents issued by the court, such as divorce decrees that regard property. Documents that may be fraudulent include deeds not signed by the property owner, loans the property owner did not get, and liens by a contractor or subcontractor when the owner never contacted such people to perform work. If the owner suspects fraud has occurred, they should contact the county’s property fraud unit.

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