How to do a Ownership & Lien Search in Chicago IL

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How to do a Ownership & Lien Search in Chicago IL ?

1. Find the property’s county. 

In this case, we are talking about Cook County, Illinois

2. Search the county’s property appraiser’s website and note the current property owner’sname(s), parcel number, and legal description. 

3. Check the county recorder’s public record for any liens, judgments, or lis pendens attached to the property under the owner’s name. 

Cook County Recoder of Deeds. Recorded records are imaged from 1986 to current.

4. Check for any other liens filed against the current owner which may affect all property held by that individual. 

This would include sold taxes. Check current years taxes, as well as the last five years to make sure previous issued taxes have not been sold at tax sale.

After your Recorder search and Tax search are complete, you must conduct a State Tax Search as well as a docket search for local lawsuits and bankruptcy risks.

*If the entity owning the parcel is a business or this is a comerical parcel. It may be in your best interst to run a UCC search as well, especially if the owning entity is a LLC/Corporation.

5. In order to establish the chain of title, note the specific transfers of title from the current to all previous owners. Be sure that the legal description and parcel number match the one you found on the property appraiser’s website. Confirm that all liens, mortgages, judgments, etc in the names of previousowners have a subsequent release or satisfaction recorded. 

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