How to Remove a Illinois Lien?

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How to Remove a Lien?

The easiest way to remove a lien is to pay it. If the lien holder is the government, they will send you a release after the debt is paid, typically within 8 weeks. If the lien holder is a private entity, you will need to seek them out for a release after you cleared or paid the lien. 

With contractors, ask for a lien waiver when providing the final check for work performed. By getting that lien waiver once the job is done, a contractor can’t fraudulently put a lien on your property. 

In the State of Illinois, contractor and mechanic liens are valid for two years after the recording date. The contractor must perfect his lien or be paid, or the lien is out by time.

General Illinois Lien Information

  • Federal Tax Liens are active for 10 years from the assessment date of the tax.
  • Illinois the State has 20 years to collect on an Income Tax Lien.
  • Bankruptcies pose an active risk and should be noted for 7 years after filing.
  • Also, per ALTA (American Land Title Association) standards, a general judgment is considered collectible seven years from the date that said judgement was rendered.
  • [For interesting comparison, Mechanic liens pose an active risk to the parcel for 2 years after filing.]


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