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    November 1, 2020 · Recording News
    Grundy County October 28, 2020 Grundy County, IL - Grundy County Recorder of Deeds will be closed to the public starting October 28. The county has asked that all recordings be e-recorded or mailed to the office. This may cause delays in processing. Illinois Abstract Service can handle Grundy...
    September 27, 2020 · Methods,Liens
    How to Remove a Lien? The easiest way to remove a lien is to pay it. If the lien holder is the government, they will send you a release after the debt is paid, typically within 8 weeks. If the lien holder is a private entity, you will need to seek them out for a release after you cleared or...
    September 27, 2020 · Methods,Ownership Report
    How to Search a Lien? Hint: 2 Methods Searching for liens on a property should be part of any real estate investor’s due diligence. There are two main ways to do a property lien search:Search yourselfAsk a company to perform a lien search Option 1: Search Yourself If you choose to look for...
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